Jerrah "TROOFFOREVER" Harrison was born and raised in Washington DC on the third of March, 1991. A hip hop artist/ songwriter, & Designer. Raised in DC but moved to San Francisco at the age of 8 to live before moving back to the District a year later. He grew up listening to Bone Thugs n Harmony, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Slick Rick, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Xscape, Jay Z, ludacris, 50 cent, etc. At the age of four, his mother was diagnosed with a lougarist disease called ALS. Doctors gave her 8 months to live but through the grace of god, she lived not 8 months but 8 years before passing away on January 12, 2003. His family is his motivation to become a better artist to change the world to make it a better place. He started out writing poetry early in elementary school but gained an Interest in making rap music during his 8th grade year in middle school.  He continued making music in his own time over the years but decided to make a career with it, his freshmen year in college. Starting group with his high school friend Mos to make "Nconvenienttroof". The name was Inspired by both members at that time, giving meaning of "keeping it real no matter the occasion". Troof has attended University of Maryland Eastern Shore, University of District of Columbia, and North Carolina A&T State University majoring in graphic design.  His music is influenced a lot from R&B/ Soul, Pop, Rap and hip hop, giving his style  a soulful yet witty and smooth hip hop artist.
Troof has been featured in many platforms such as ",,,, and, and this is just the beginning for him. He has also rapped for NBA Superstar Damian Lillard on Instagram Live. From performing at local venues to auditioning in New York for BET "wild out Wednesday" and "Blaze the Stage" he has learned what he had to do to become better and took the initiative on doing just that.  Not just learning the musical aspect, but the business aspect as well. He wants to motivate others while giving quality music that not only sounds good but is relatable to any individual living real life situations.

 Contact me if you need a musical feature, a hit song for you, or to make a design. I'm published with ASCAP and have   reputable credentials with both music and design
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